June 10, 2014

George Nelson Pendants. Don't Care if They're Ubiquituous

Remember our pot metal (h. e. a. v. y.) five-drop pendant lights? Some readers voted to
1. Heave them.
Some readers voted to
2. Pretty pleeze keep them, but if you do heave them, CALL US FIRST.

The more historically accurate among you will be relieved to learn they've gone to a good (historically accurate) home down the street.

Once we got rid of the lights, as mid century modern loving people, we were then required to purchase George Nelson pendants. If we didn't, our membership to the hipster bourgeois club might be revoked. You know what? I don't care if they're ubiquitous, I love them.

May 30, 2014

Garden 2014 (So far)

After four years of really hard work, our urban oasis is officially gorg-ois.
Flowers are growing and dividing and thriving.
 The hard scape has settled in.
 The sod we installed last year is lush.
And little creatures have been formally invited to stay awhile.
Now I have no choice but to finish the front porch.

I'm happy to answer any gardening questions you have!

April 9, 2013

Professional Guidance: An Interior Designer

My life is better because I hire professionals. I don't do my own taxes because DUH. I don't review legal documents because DUUUUH (Yes, I have a lawyer. Loooooong story on how that came to be.) And when my rat wheel of a brain alights on obsesses about an especially tricky problem, I don't try to solve it with the rat wheel that created it.  I seek professional help. So why should interior design be any different?

Mr. Man won an auction at Wistariahurst's Gala for a consultation with Paul Latham, of the eponymous Paul Latham Design. Whoa. In two hours, this amazing man:
- Rearranged our furniture creating better flow and use of space in our downstairs rooms.
-Gave us small, DOABLE projects that will make our home even more awesome. So basically? Blog content for the next year is DONE. Thanks Paul. First project? Space over the kitchen sink.