January 2, 2009

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You can contact us at holyokehomeblog (at) gmail (dot) com

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January 1, 2009


The Basics
We welcome your interest in advertising on Holyoke Home. Here's our ad kit. We do not participate in paid product reviews, text links within posts (you are welcome to buy text link ad space), discounts for our readers of less than 25%, or giveaway items worth less than $50.

We don't promote advertiser products within blog posts. We do promote advertisers on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Currently ad space is only available in the side bar.

Holyoke Home also welcomes Advertisers interested in sponsorship. Holyoke Home provides advertising space to our sponsors in exchange for products/store credit. Sponsors are like advertisers, but we get 'paid' in-kind. We also promote our sponsors our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

If Holyoke Home receives products for free from a company, that's pretty cool. If we decide to review this product, we always disclose this fact to our readers. It is our policy to post an honest assessment of the product.

Holyoke Home gladly accepts giveaway offers related to home improvement, garden improvement, modern design and the like. Holyoke Home will mention the company donating the merchandise and provide a link to one website, facebook page or twitter feed.

Holyoke Home of the Week Disclaimers 
- We are not compensated for Holyoke Home of the Week posts. We have no relationship - financial or otherwise - with the properties we feature.
- We make no claims as to the condition of any property.
- We pick properties that speak to us in some way (architectural details, price, view, location, etc.) If you are a Realtor or homeowner selling property in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and are interested in having us feature your property, please send 3-5 photos to holyokehomeblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

Why Advertise with Holyoke Home?

- At www.HolyokeHome.com we are very selective when choosing who to feature on our site. Holyoke Home only offers advertising to companies related to design, home purchasing, gardening, or home improvement whose services we can recommend. This ad policy gives you the highest value for your investment.

- In a short time, Holyoke Home has successfully attracted a large and loyal audience.  Our readership grows consistently each month. In the last month, Holyoke Home received 10,000 page views from 7,000 unique visitors.  In addition, we are delivered to over 450 feed readers, a number which also continues to grow.

- We limit the number of ads featured on Holyoke Home so your customer conversion rate increases (currently we only offer 8 ad spots). Without the visual clutter of numerous tiny ads, your brand and company really stand out.

- Holyoke Home publishes new blog content 3-4 times per week. Based on 7,000 unique monthly visitors, his means your brand is seen 84,000-112,000 times a month. This frequency puts your company ‘top of mind’.

-Holyoke Home will promote your company on our Facebook page and Twitter feed - for no additional fee - twice a month.

What Are My Options?
Large Ad - 275 x 125 pixels
- $50.00 per month
- Buy six months, get one month free.
- Buy one year, get two months free.

Standard Ad - 125 x 125 pixels
- $25.00 per month

- Buy six months, get one month free.
- Buy one year, get two months free.

- Holyoke Home is happy to discuss business trade options with companies in the home improvement, gardening, or DIY industries. E-mail us at holyokehomeblog [at] gmail [dot] com

How Do I Get Started?
- If you’re not sure how to design a blog ad, we can create one for you for a one-time $150 fee. You can use this ad however you wish on other sites and social media platforms.

What Are Your Ad Specifications?
- Ads should be at least 72 dpi.
- No animated ads.
- All files should be e-mailed to holyokehomeblog [at] gmail [dot] com with “Holyoke Home Ad” in the subject line. Please include your business address and phone number in the e-mail.
- All ads start on the first of the month following your purchase.

What Makes An Ad Effective?
- Clear logo / business name 
- Company website/facebook page to which the ad is linked
- Not too crowded
- Simple image(s)
- Defined boundaries

e-mail: holyokehomeblog [at] gmail [dot] com