January 1, 2009


The Basics
We welcome your interest in advertising on Holyoke Home. Here's our ad kit. We do not participate in paid product reviews, text links within posts (you are welcome to buy text link ad space), discounts for our readers of less than 25%, or giveaway items worth less than $50.

We don't promote advertiser products within blog posts. We do promote advertisers on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Currently ad space is only available in the side bar.

Holyoke Home also welcomes Advertisers interested in sponsorship. Holyoke Home provides advertising space to our sponsors in exchange for products/store credit. Sponsors are like advertisers, but we get 'paid' in-kind. We also promote our sponsors our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

If Holyoke Home receives products for free from a company, that's pretty cool. If we decide to review this product, we always disclose this fact to our readers. It is our policy to post an honest assessment of the product.

Holyoke Home gladly accepts giveaway offers related to home improvement, garden improvement, modern design and the like. Holyoke Home will mention the company donating the merchandise and provide a link to one website, facebook page or twitter feed.

Holyoke Home of the Week Disclaimers 
- We are not compensated for Holyoke Home of the Week posts. We have no relationship - financial or otherwise - with the properties we feature.
- We make no claims as to the condition of any property.
- We pick properties that speak to us in some way (architectural details, price, view, location, etc.) If you are a Realtor or homeowner selling property in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and are interested in having us feature your property, please send 3-5 photos to holyokehomeblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

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