July 15, 2009


We've decided to complete only two improvements prior to move-in: we'll install an

red gooseberriesImage via Wikipedia

alarm system and refinish all the floors. With the exception of two rooms downstairs, every floor surface is covered with either carpet or linoleum over plywood.

Yesterday, we started demolition of the floors in preparation for refinishing. We removed nasty carpets on the stairs and in one bedroom (with decomposed, powdery black padding underneath saturated with pungent cat urine); we pulled up wide rolls of linoleum and non padded area carpets in two bedrooms; and we started pulling up linoleum over plywood in the kitchen. Did you know that every time a plywood nail pops out of an original hardwood floor, an angel gets his wings?

In the process of all this work, we made many discoveries. For example, we are now the proud owners of a giant gooseberry bush, laden with plump red gooseberries, buckets of them. I'm sure a quick web search will reveal an awesome gooseberry freezer jam recipe. Unless you have a better idea.

On the first floor, we were hoping for TWO pocket doors in the living room, because we are.....greedy jerks? We removed the plastic room divider hoping to find the remnants of another set of pocket doors. Alas. No second set of pocket doors, just a solid, lovely door frame, sans pocket doors.

We also padded through the house discovering random items left by the previous owners. Does anyone read Polish? This is the cover of a book I found on the back porch. A 1978 Polish calendar? We're going to frame the cover eventually because the design is so bold and modern looking.

We are also the lucky recipients of some polish figurines. They're growing on me. Slowly. Very, very slowly. Even though they are nothing like what I would ever put in my house, I can't bear to throw them away.

I have a few more BIZARRE discoveries to share in my next post.


  1. Hi! I do actually know someone who speaks and reads polish. Also.. are those hummel figurines? There.. kind of horrible but highly collectible to .. some people.

    I love pocket doors! How dissapointing. Good luck with the floors, lets see some before and after pics!

  2. OMG Big fake Hummels -- I have a set too.

    Left to us by my husband's cioces. They are pretty old, the fake Hummels, althoigh cioces lived a long full life. Maybe we should go to the Antiques Road Show together -- see which fake Hummels are the more valuable! LOL

  3. I do! I do! I speak/read Polish. I AM Polish - and my grandparents had SO MANY gooseberry bushes at their place when were growing up. I gorged on them every chance I got. I'm drooling and now thinking of planting some this year.

    Yeah it says "Polish calendar for the year 1978" (we often flip the order of words)


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