July 15, 2009


We closed on the house.

I slept about 4 hours last night. As a result, I am both exhausted and excited today; my heart is pumping from the extra cup of coffee, but my eyeballs are dry and bleary from lack of sleep.

We stopped by the house late last night, even though it was not yet ours, and we ran into the (very) adult children of the previous owner, still moving things out.

A couple from Poland were the last owners of the house. They bought it in 1969 and lived there continuously until the wife recently passed away. They had five children. One daughter, who still lives in the area, teared-up reminiscing about her mom. We gently promised to look after her mother's home, and she quietly thanked us.

This conversation made me think about the brevity of our lives as compared to the longevity of a well-built house. These bricks - absent a catastrophe - will stand long after I'm gone and scattered to the wind. This weekend, we start demolition. I plan to wear a respirator, helmet, gloves, knee pads, a hazmat suit, goggles and earplugs - all in an effort to delay being......scattered.

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