August 25, 2009

Bathroom Discovery

The previous owners covered exactly 1/2 of the bathroom, from the waist down, with hideous vinyl panels. Here's a before picture:
The other half of the bathroom showed a lovely wide beadboard and chair rail. Lovely, albeit stained a very dark brown. We cried, 'Why oh why did they remove half the beadboard?! Now we'll have to try to match it. Ugh.' BUT.....they didn't remove it! They covered it with vinyl panels. So now we only have to match the chair rail. Oh. And somehow remove evil clumps of adhesive and repair plaster and lathe walls. But STILL! Picking off the adhesive looked like fun, so using some elbow grease and a 4" stiff putty knife, I attempted to remove it. Most of it came off pretty easily, although I scraped my knuckles and put some 'dings' in the soft pine beadboard. Next, I'll sand the beadboard and it will be ready to prime and paint a glossy white.

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  1. I should stop telling people what they should do with their houses. It's annoying, especially when it directly contradicts what they want to do. So I'll try to be good. This is what I would want to have done (not what I would actually do or what my wife would let me get away with).

    In this perfect world, I'd strip the varnish on the wood to lighten it a little. I'd take the linoleum off the floor and clean it, too. I'd use some sort of marine-grade finish on the wood, so that it would hold up in the bathroom. Then, as a final finishing touch, I'd find some vintage, somewhat patined, brass fixtures for the bath.

    It'd look awesome. It'd also be an insane amount of work, expensive, and high maintenance.


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