August 7, 2009

Floor Fiasco=Florasco?

So, Dion came out and, over three days, sanded down all our floors. They really looked great. The cat urine stains all came out, and we discovered fir in the kitchen and bathroom and pine everywhere else. Then I got on my hands and knees and vacuumed up all the crap between the floor boards. They looked good! Rustic, but good.

And then Dion did exactly as we asked and applied an oil based polyurethane coat.

And then we realized we have KNOTTY pine floors.

And now they were stained to really bring out the knotty-ness of their knots. I had teenage 'rec room' flashbacks and felt sick. The point of the oil based sanding sealer was to 'amber up' the floor. But because it's knotty pine, the effect is much like the photo below. A house we hoped to make modern now looks country kitchen.

Knotty Pine!Image by kmghattaway via Flickr

We paced the house and walked the halls and paced some more. We decided we want to see what the floor would look like WITHOUT the oil based sanding sealer, with just the non 'ambering' water based sealer (three coats in total). According to Dion, the water based poly will still color over time, but not as much, and over time.

Dion - bless him - is going to come out and sand up one of our closets and apply the water-based polyurethane, so we can see what it would look like WITHOUT the oil based sanding sealer. Then we'll decide what to do. This potential extra sanding? Um. Not in the budget. Le sigh.


  1. I honestly do not think you are in danger of rec-room territory. What is kinda weird about rec-rooms is the full-surround: all wood, everywhere. I don't even like it in paneled "lodges" from the 20s and 30s. Too much.

    That said, I am sure your floors will be beautiful. I little knottiness does not a rec-room make. It makes them pine floors, which can be beautiful.


  2. It doesn't look like one of those awful rec rooms. Not one bit.

  3. I meant to add that I am so totally in awe of that bathroom. Please tell me that you're going to try to keep it somewhere close to the original intent? Please? I can just see a nice, period sink with non-polished brass fixtures.


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