August 13, 2009

Kitchen and Bathroom Floor Colors

We've chosen our kitchen and bathroom floor colors. They are both Benjamin Moore oil-based floor paint from Clark Paint. I cannot recommend Clark Paint enough. I adore them (hi Dave and Andy!) They are nice, easy going but happy to help, and most importantly (ahem) they don't mind if you sit on their floor looking at different colors and sighing deeply for 2-3 hours. They also don't judge people (ahem) who order MANY pint-sized color samples (they're only $7 each!) Clark Paint has Benjamin Moore, Pittsburgh, and for the fancy-pants out there (ahem?) Pratt and Lambert.

It takes me 10 minutes to get there from Holyoke. I take 391S to 91, then Exit 7, then right over the Memorial Bridge. At the rotary, take the second exit onto Memorial Ave., as if you are going to the Big E, then take your second right onto Union St. They are the second building on the left.

I don't know much about getting colors to appear accurately on a computer monitor, so at the risk of showing you something that doesn't look AT ALL like the actual color, I present our kitchen floor. If I had to describe it? A soft buttery yellow-gold:

And our bathroom floor color. I'm thinking about painting, in white, a huge free-hand cherry blossom motif on top of this. Like a giant stencil, but less cheesy? Or should I just leave it as is? Baseboard and wainscoting will be white.

Do you have any suggestions about painting floors? How many coats? Should I apply a sealer on top? Do I need a special kind of roller or brush? Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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