August 12, 2009

Perhaps M'Lady Would Like a Xanax?

Okay. I may have overreacted. A few trusted advisers are telling me I may have overreacted. The floors look good. If you need a 'floor' recap, click here.

In follow-up to our request, over the weekend, Dion (our floor guy! Can't recommend him highly enough!) came out and sanded down a closet, removing the oil based sanding sealer. He then applied the water-based poly. In another closet, he put the first coat of water-based poly over the oil-based sanding sealer. And while the first closet floor was a little more blond, it really didn't look that different from the floors finished with the oil-based poly. If anything, the 'blond' color served to highlight the knots in the knotty pine.

In addition to just spending time with the floors and getting used to them, I've been thinking: the floors are what they are. My brain imagined they would look like the refinished maple floors at Open Square. But this row house is not a mill that needed hard wood to bear all the machinery. Nor is this is a federalist era row house in Boston or Philadelphia. This row house was built for a working class family employed by the Holyoke's paper mills. The floors are pine.

I've decided to relax and enjoy my amber pine floors. Dion came out this morning to buff the sanding sealer and apply the first coat (three total) of water-based poly. I took a peek this afternoon and they look gorgeous.

When they are totally finished later this week, I'll post some 'before and after' images.


  1. Oh my, they do look wonderful! I was worried for you too.. knotty pine makes me think of junior high. They came out great!

    Be glad you did not buy THIS rowhouse in Holyoke.

  2. The floors look fabulous in the pix!

  3. Very pretty. I went back and read the earlier post and was a tiny bit afraid, but Wow! you are going to be very happy.


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