August 15, 2009

We've Moved!

My friends are really talented (Click on the image above for a more detailed view.) My dear friend from college, Susie Roselle, designed this change of address card for us. Isn't it TOO COOL?! Thanks Susie!

The image is taken from a 1877 map of Holyoke. The entire map (we only used a small section) is available electronically on the Library of Congress' website. WARNING: it is an enormous file in a weird format (jpg 2000?) that made my computer act like it had just polished off an apple-tini or two.

To get the map, go to this Library of Congress page, and type 'Holyoke, Massachusetts' into the query box. Your query will bring up two really cool maps of Holyoke, one from 1877, and one from 1881. I poured over the 1877 map for about two hours. It is that detailed. I noticed, for example, that Wistariahurst is there on Beech Street, but there are no other houses for blocks. And the entrance is on Pine St, before Belle had the Beech Street porte cochere (sp?) installed.

If you look at the large map, I'd love to know what you noticed.

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