September 21, 2009

Painted Kitchen Floor Complete! Oh. And some other stuff.

I finished crawling around on my hands and knees with a caulk gun in my hand.  I won't do that again until  - well - until I start the upstairs bathroom renovation.

Voila!  I'm really happy with the results - both the caulking work AND the gloss polyurethane finish.  If one were to look VERY closely, one might find some Morgan hairs embedded in the finish, despite copious vaccuuming, tack cloth applications, and a damp rag in my back pocket to swipe up any visible stray hairs.  I did my best.  I have no idea how those Morgan hairs got in there.  They must be magical.

We also finished painting the ceiling (Atrium White by Benjamin Moore - semi-gloss) and the walls (Cliffside Grey by Benjamin Moore - eggshell).  The photo below is a fairly accurate representation of the actual colors, although the walls are a little less blue and a little more gray.

Also, do you see the bead board above?  Nice.


  1. Wow - that looks amazing!

  2. aren't you worried about the durability of a painted floor?


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