September 6, 2009

Renovation Translation Service

I am learning lots of new words.

Neutral Bar - Contrary to the sound of it, a neutral bar is not something you eat. Rather, it's an important part of your fuse box. If your neutral bar is rusted, seek professional assistance.

Screw Schedule or Nailing Schedule - Seriously. These are ACTUAL TERMS that means something TOTALLY different from what you think they mean. A screw or nail schedule is the number or pattern of fasteners used (Refer to your local building code if you have any questions. I do not recommend Googling these terms.)


  1. What in the world will you do with all your recently acquired skills whne this is over? BTW, you asked for the BBQ sauce -- it's posted.

    Be careful what you wish for, I'll be waited to see a comment on my blog that tells me you've tried it!

  2. Is it the required number of fasteners per ft^2 for subfloor and drywall and such? I didn't even know there were rules for that! (Hope no one in Knoxville counts 'em).

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