September 28, 2009

Settling In

The row house is beginning to feel a little bit like it might be ours.  A little bit like it might be home.  We're settling in.  

The lights in the front hallway at night make me really happy.  Maybe it's because their warm glow takes the edge off the wallpaper.


  1. WOW!

    It looks sooo warm and cozy. I can hardly wait to see it in person.

    love, Mom

  2. I like the wallpaper a lot. The classic pattern creates a notable contrast to the Danish style hall credenza - exciting and ecelectic decorative arts modeling at its best. Good job.

  3. I like the combination of machine age and mid-century modern with the Victorian house. Nice work.

    I like the way the aluminum chairs look. I've never been completely comfortable with the upholstered versions of those chairs - in my mind, they seemed like a work-around when you couldn't get / afford the non-upholstered ones. Yours, however, look great in that room, and have made me consider the possibility of reupholstering such chairs, which, for some reason, didn't cross my mind before. I like.

  4. Hi Christopher! Does green naugahyde count as 'upholstery'? We found these chairs with their original 1960's era covering and haven't touched them (yet!) I don't think the chairs are original Navy chairs because the tag on the bottom indicates they were made by Good Form in Forest City, North Carolina.

  5. If it covers something that theoretically has some padding in it on a piece of furniture, it's upholstery, I think.

    I'm curious as to the popularity of the green color - I can't recall seeing those chairs upholstered in anything other than green, although I can't believe that they weren't made in other colors.

    I just had a thought - there are so many wonderful anodized aluminum products from a tiny bit later than those chairs - I wonder what it would take to give such chairs the same bright color finish?

    Anyway, your chairs really look great. How comfortable are they in actual use?

  6. Hi Christopher! The chairs are actually pretty comfortable despite the fact that the padding is slowly disintegrating. One finds a fine yellow dust underneath them - if one were to look closely.

    I imagine that if I ever re-upholster the chairs, they would be even more comfortable. But I can't bring myself to do it because I love that green naugahyde so.

  7. those are TOTALLY awesome chairs and I love the rug and buffet!!!

  8. I love those chairs! Remind me of my new (reproduction) bar stools. Thanks for linking up to the house tour party!

  9. gorgeous! love that rug! i grew up just around the corner in wilbraham! :)


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