September 11, 2009

Two Outlets in the Kitchen Ain't Going to Cut It

There were two outlets in the kitchen when we bought the house.   Typical old house, right?  Our Holyoke Home has maybe two outlets in each room, and one light switch.   I grew up in an old farm house that literally had ONE outlet and one light switch in each room, so two is almost retched excess. 

But for us, two outlets in the kitchen ain't going to cut it.  Hell, the coffee bean grinder needs a dedicated plug of it's own (Kidding. Kind of.)  So we called in Beaulieu electricians.

These guys snaked wires though our very tight walls, added a second circuit, replaced our dangerous rusted neutral bar, and left us with five outlets in the kitchen. 

God I love white outlet face plates.  I spit on beige outlet face plates.  Spit on them!


  1. My kitchen has 5 outlets, more then I need.. it's always bathrooms that lack outlets for me. I need several! I have a lot of bathroom death traps that NEED to be plugged in.

    But I am lucky to have ONE.

  2. Excellent improvement for you! I need general upgrades -- there are plenty of outlets already (5) but they can't handle the power required by modern "appliances" -- I can't run the griddle at the same time as the microwave. This does not bode well for a B & B.

  3. Laurel! A B&B? How exciting! Do you have a website? When can I come for a visit?


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