October 19, 2009

Another Day in Beantown

We spent our second day in Boston (of two.  Just two.  No more.  Sigh.) visiting the Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA), and walking around a park WHERE A GIANT HIGHWAY USED TO STAND.

I am embarrassed to tell you this, because, well, it's embarrassing, but I had not seen the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy park over which a giant, dirty, noisy highway (Route 93) used to pass, and under which a giant, dirty, noisy highway now passes.  In other english words?  As many times as I've been to Boston in the past 5 years, I'd never seen the impact of the Big Dig.

The transformation was nothing short of stunning.  

My best friend in high school and I used to take the ferry from Quincy to Rowes Wharf during the summer, and scramble under Route 93 and various construction projects to Fanieul Hall  - to buy ridiculous sweaters at The Limited, etc.  And now, exiting Rowes Wharf, there was nothing to scramble under.  Only a clear view of the Boston skyline and a green park in between.  It was shocking.

There are two really enjoyable exhibits at the ICA now.  The big show is a retrospective of Mexican artist Damien Ortega.  The second is the wall exhibit in the photo above.  Both are worth the trip (in my opinion.)

What do you think of the ICA?  Have you been?  I really love the building's interior architecture.

Next post?  I'll tell you about our last day in Boston and our visit to the Boston Design Center....oooooh!

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  1. I went to the Boston Design Center once and HOLY HELL, that place is a vortex of awesome.


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