October 23, 2009

Last Day in Boston

On our third and last day in Boston,

Oooh!  Wait!  Did I tell you about our meal at the Eastern Standard?  Laudy, laudy was that good.  I highly recommend.  It's in Kenmore Square, right on Commonwealth Ave.  Oh dear, now I need a moment to remove the thought of house-smoked trout with arugula and pomegranate salad and creme fraiche from my head........okay.  Wait.........Okay.

On our third day in Boston, we made a very disappointing trip to the Boston Design Center.  We were looking for lobby lighting for a REALLY FREAKING COOL MIXED-USE  DEVELOPMENT in downtown Holyoke. 

One of us (not me) is an architect.  Being an actual architect, with a stamp and everything, entitled one of us (not me) to walk around the Boston Design Center wearing a sticker that read 'Design Professional', while I was forced to hide a lousy 'Visitor' sticker under my coat.  How can a man who's never heard of Scalamadre or Lee Jofra call himself a DESIGN PROFESSIONAL?!?  Okay, okay, he can build stuff real good. But I pick out soft furnishings real good.  So there.  'Visitor' indeed.

I've never experienced the 'to the trade' thing.  Ever.  While I adore my shelter magazines, I buy my trash cans at Target thank you very much.  I think the closest I've come to 'to the trade' was via my mom's once a year trip to the Baker Furniture Factory Sale in Grand Rapids.  Once a year, if one rose at the butt-crack of dawn and stood in line, one could gain entry to a factory floor full of Baker Furniture and fabrics at ridiculous prices. 

I found the Boston Design Center to be Very Dis-a-POINT-ing.  There was not one, not even in a catalog, modern looking light fixture in the whole building.  Is it possible that the Boston design market doesn't purchase lighting that looks as though it was made before 1940?  Luckily, we did find a really cool light store on Boylston Ave.  Neena's Lighting was AWESOME and full of inspiration.

Neena's may even have had a light fixture for the REALLY FREAKING COOL MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT lobby.

But you know design professionals - they're very finicky, so we'll have to wait and see.


  1. I am no decorator, in fact they probably wouldn't even let me visit :) but it sounds like your house is going to end up beautiful!!

    Happy SITS Saturday!

  2. it was nice to stumble on your blog while looking up "skim coat over wallpaper"... and to find so many connects. live in Grand Rapids and never been to a Baker sale, not an alum of either MSU or UofM - just live in a 1905 foursquare with similar challenges in the what-to-do-next department. Sadly tho, we've been here 10 years and we are still at it BIG TIME. Looks like your drive will have yours done in no time flat. Thanks for lots of inspiration and a renewed "umph" to keep at it.

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! SITS really is a cool thing! So we established that we are both Aquarius' and both live in MA...I also live with my husband and dog, and say "butt-crack of dawn" all. the. time!!!

    Your blog is great! I will admit I don't much about Holyoke having lived in eastern MA my entire life but I love what I am learning from your blog!


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