October 8, 2009

Le Drum Roll Please.....Holyoke Home Kitchen is Complete.....Well......Complete Enough to Post 'After' Photos

So - Here's the kitchen layout we decided on:
Amazing, right?  How did we get all that stuff in there?  Sheer.  Effing.  Will.

All told, we spent five hours at Ikea, during which we picked out countertop material (and edging), kick plates, cupboards, shelves and pulls.  I know: How could it take five hours to do that?!  Monkeys do more before  7 am than we did all day at Ikea!  (by the way?  We planned to buy our sink, faucet, and stainless steel prep table at Ikea, but the quality of the stainless was questionable, so we took a pass.)
- Cabinets: Ikea AKURUM in white with white ADEL fronts
- Pulls: Ikea GREJ 
- Counter: Ikea Grey NUMERAR with stainless steel edging
- Shelves: Ikea GRUNDTAL 
- Stainless steel prep table: sourced from a local restaurant supplier. 
- Sink and faucet: ordered from Highland Hardware 
- We inherited the stove and fridge from the previous owners, and the center butcher block prep table was ours.

OKAY! READY? LE DRUM LE ROLL PLEASE!  (click on an image for a larger version in a new window.)
Ahem.  Sink area before:
Sink Area During:

Sink Area After!

Prep Area Before: 

Prep Area During:

Prep Area After:


  1. It's beautiful! You guys did a really great job!

  2. oooooh "prep area"...I want one of those!

  3. YOU have a PREP area?! you have a PREP area!!!!!


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