October 5, 2009

Original Row House Details - Door Hardware

I know you're waiting for the rest of our kitchen story- but someone (not me) hasn't had a chance to draw a nice picture of our layout.  So...

In the mean time, how about a tour of the rest of the house?

There were two major reasons we bought our row house.  One: it was 'move in-able.'   We could live there comfortably without too much fussing around.  This was a requirement for one of us (Not me.  Because I didn't know any better.)

The second reason we bought our Holyoke Home?   The house's original details were largely intact and amazing.  In fact, one of the first details we noticed is featured in our logo (at the top of this page!)  - the original brass door hardware on the living room french doors.  Beyond the french doors, in room after room, were were amazed to find the original door hardware throughout.  Hinges, latches, knobs, pulls and plates.  They were all there.

There is a very distinct three-level hierarchy of door hardware, with the fanciest (of course) appearing in the foyer and front rooms:

A still pleasant pull on the bedroom and bathroom doors, this time without a brass knob.

And a still smaller pattern on all the bedroom closet doors.

Does anyone have any guesses or suggestions on dating brass hardware?


  1. I have no idea how to date it but it sure is gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful. What a project you have going on there.

  3. I recently saw a date stamp on some old hardware in a friend's house (1880's sometime, can't remember exactly)...you might need to remove the hardware to find it stamped on a not-usually-visible place. Like on the underbelly of a hinge.

  4. No wonder you bought the house! The hardware is amazing - and I love what you've done - great before and afters. Do you think the hardware was installed when your house was built? Do you know that approximate date? That's where I'd start I guess.


  5. Gorgeous hardware. Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous hardware. I love Eastlake.

  7. Oh MY GOODNESS! I think that might be the same as OUR door hardware! (it was the doctor's house so it has some fancy little details here in small town, Indiana).

    I'm checking to see if you have an email listed and I'm emailing you a pic of ours! Crazy!!!

  8. I'm not an expert by any means, but it looks like your more ornamental knob might be yellow cast brass "ceylon" Eastlake from the mid 1880's. Hope that helps.

  9. I am so in love with this door hardware! You just don't see this kind of detail in home building any more. This is so elegant and full of character, so special.

  10. It is definitely Eastlake, which was big in the late 19th century. Since they're mortise locks, you can typically take the hardware off the door and there will be some patent numbers/production numbers on the lock body. Occasionally, there will be a manufacturer name. Norwich was a brand around that time period.


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