November 1, 2009

Deeper Underground!

We're on a tour of Holyoke's canal system. If you missed part one of our canal tour, or part two, click those hyper links!  In the basement of Open Square,  we saw the hydro electric generators, then we ventured down into the actual water wheels, now, we're going even lower, into the water wheel tailraces and out onto the canal beds.

From inside the water wheels, we walked out the tailrace.  When the canals are full, the space in the picture above is filled with water.

Getting closer to the second level canal in the photo above.
Nature is everywhere!  After all the grey, black and brown machinery, metal, and wet wood, lit only with flashlights, we came into the light.
It almost looks like a vernal pool, or some ancient greek aquaduct.  The arch closest to us in the photo above is an active tailrace - one of Open Square's two active tailraces.  The other two arches have sediment in them because they are no longer attached to active water wheels.

Our canal tour has one more post! Please join us!


  1. I am constantly searching Holyoke for new views to show people. Your images are rather unique and original! Great to see other people doing the same.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the tour and history lesson! I never realized all that stuff was still in use.


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