November 16, 2009

Original Row House Details - One of these Kids is Doin' His Own Thing

Our row house features a lot of really nice original details.  I've shown you our incredible original brass hardware.  Now for a detail that cracks me up and makes me feel like this might actually be my house.  Notice anything unusual in the photo below?

I've got about five stories in my head to explain why one of the balusters is upside down.


  1. oh, I want to hear the stories!

  2. That is exactly the kind of detail that defines a house.. from a home.

    You are home!

  3. We lived in our for a couple of years before we noticed that we have one kitchen cabinet door which doesn't match the rest. Why did we finally notice? All the cabinets open "backwards" so we talked about switching them. Now after ten years, I don't think I can open them "normal" way.

    You do have lovely features in your home. How exciting for you to have trick or treaters!

  4. stopping in from SITS! I got to hear the story!! I had to look for awhile but I saw it!!

  5. This cracks me up! Coming over from the SITS site! Happy Saturday Sharefest!

    Love the house! I'm into renovating projects, too. I know how tough it is, too! Props to you!


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