November 19, 2009

Should They Stay or Should They Go?

The row house features not one, not two, but THREE super heavy chandelier-ish lights in the downstairs rooms: one in the front room, one in what we're calling the 'library', and one in the dining room.

Much like the Kardashian sisters, our ceiling lights are each a little different, but definitely from the same family.  Each weighs about fify-seventeen pounds (an estimate) and feature one UFO/platter-ish shape, from which dangle five individual lights.

A local friend suggested painting them one consistent color and adding some modern shades.  Dear reader, should they stay or should they go?


  1. STAY.
    Or I'll take one. I think they are fabulous.

  2. They should stay!!! I love them! There are definitely shades out there that are modern (and that would hide the ugly bulbs)

    stay, stay, stay!

  3. omg STAY! I will help you paint them though! Maybe a dull silver or a warm buttery copper? With unbleached shades or some pretty glass!

  4. Round light bulbs were originally used in those lights and would make them look more modern and up to date.

    I'm not sure if there is a way to attach shades. Most fixtures that use shades that hang down, have little screws that hold the shades in place.

    I love all the fixtures and think new bulbs will make a huge different.

  5. They'll be beautiful! Clean 'em up and keep 'em. Check their inner wiring to make sure they are safe and okay, too. Can you find shades to fit? or use those round bulbs? No offense, but those new bulbs are ugly! What are we going to do about them when we are forced to use them? They are so bad, and look horrible in our antique lighting.

  6. Definitely keep them, love the acanthus leaves, they look original to the house and time period. I would say no, do not paint them either. Clean them up maybe, but leave them as intact as possible. I had some similar lighting in my Brooklyn house (see, the most I would suggest is replating if the finish is significantly worse than it appears in the images.

  7. I have a scale you can borrow to get an accurate weight on those. Brass is fetching $3 a lb at Kanes in Willamansett.
    But seriously they should stay. Get some sexier bulbs for sure. Perhaps some LEDs if you want to be super green. Or some halogens.
    The ceiling tile should go. What is above those tiles?

  8. I am with most of the others here. I like them. Attach some shades and call it a day.

    The Hubs and I LUST after a house we can finally call our own. This will about about two years out for us. So I am going to live vicariously through yours for a minute.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. keep them! they're awesome!
    you could get shades, or get some reproduction lightbulbs

  10. ooo, I say STAY!
    (but then again look at how much I adored that strange thing that you found on the wall when you first started exploring - so I don't think you should trust my tastes).

  11. Stay.

    It looks like there isn't a way to attach a shade, unfortunately. In that case, I think you have two choices. You could either go for a good looking round, clear, incandescent bulb, if you want to be a purist, or you could go for a "flame" shape bulb, either flourescent or incandescant.

  12. Or, if you really want to get rid of them, you could send them to me. =P

  13. Looking at them again and I still say stay but.. no paint. Just a really good scrubbing and polish.

    Also I have something similar in my bedroom (Or as I like to refer to it for now.. that room where some guy I no longer know keeps some crap) that I was going to replace but now I think I might want to spiffy it up and just buy shades.

    In case I ever want to use that room again.

  14. Stay.

    There are fabric shades that clip onto little candelabra (Sp?) lightbulbs. Maybe a good shade place could make ones that go on larger bulbs?

    P.S. thanks for the flowers - they're Gawdgeous!

  15. Wow. You all are SERIOUSLY ALIGNED against getting rid of them. Wow! Okay. You all have given me something to think about: If I got rid of them, I would be getting rid of an original house detail. I never thought about it like that.

    Okay. I'm going to mull it over, but Daphne and Christopher, if they go, you've both got dibs.

  16. Just curious, but why do you want to get rid of them?

  17. I know this post is from forever go, but I'm really curious to see how you ended up treatin' these babes! I, of course, agree with everything everyone else has said -- I sure hope you kept them! I'm envisioning something something I saw at a little coffee shop once -- masonary jars instead of lamp shades. I'm not sure how they did it, but I imagine you just screw 'em in. Big, white bulbs would look lovely. Or if you could somehow replace those fluorescent bulbs with lots of white little Christmas lights. That'd be lovely.

  18. Hi Serena Rose! They are still here!!! But - I hate to tell you this - they will be going eventually :( Don't worry, we're saving them for the next home owners in case their tastes are more - of the era - than ours!

    Great ideas though, thanks!!


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