November 26, 2009

Thankful For.....Winter Farm Share!

Once a week, from May to the end of October, my friend and I carpooled over Mt. Tom and down into Easthampton.  We were headed to Mountain View Farm to pick up our weekly farm share.  From the almost sweet baby radishes in May, to the earthy leeks in October, the farm provided Holyoke Home with an incredible amount of organic, fresh vegetables.  I am bereft that the farm share season is over.  

In addition to its regular share, Mountain View also offered a '100 Pound Winter Share' that my share partner and I eagerly signed up for.

I felt nostalgic to be at the farm again and gaze at the fields that - just a few short months ago - grew the strawberries I couldn't get enough of and the kale I always took home and never cooked.

But I also felt awash in a familiar farm greediness.  Look at all those organic squash.

From my 50 pound stash, today I'll be making roasted brussels sprouts to take to a generous friends' house.  And I'm very thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. So awesome to be able to get fresh farm produce like that. Definitely something to be thankful for today.

    Just droppin in from SITS to say Happy Thanksgiving! ~Lanie

  2. happy thanks giving I love your blog I live in a almost 200 year old farm house ! and between cooking today I'm going to go through your past post! love it! ~Sarahlynn

  3. I wish I knew somewhere like that, near here. It looks fantastic. All those squashes! :)

  4. I loved our CSA too, it soon became not only a matter of picking up the weekly distribution, but also a time out for some socializing with friends every week. We'll be enjoying butternut squash and Concord grape pie today from our CSA experience. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Best Brussels sprouts EVER. Zak is now eating them with his fingers.

    I want to buy a share for the spring! I think you just sealed the deal for me.

  6. Just out in the garden picking out the last of the goodies I can use. I can see why farm share would be good... Hmm. B. Sprouts. Haven't had those in a while, sounds like something I need to get!

    Have a great one,

  7. Down here in Virginia (maybe up there too?) we call farm sharing "CSA's"--Community Supported Agriculture. And I had a subscription this year, like you, from May thru October. It was fabulous!

    I loved the "season-ality" of it!

    Thanks for kind comment on my blog today ...


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