December 15, 2009

Air Sealing The Attic - Post One of God Knows How Many

I came home to find this at the top of my stairs:

Then some shuffling noises and this:

Then some more shuffling and:

Holyoke Home Owner #1: What are you doing in the attic crawl space?
Holyoke Home Owner #2: Spelunking
HH1: Spelunking for what?
HH2: I was looking to verify the attic conditions so the contractors can match the work needed to their bids.  I took lots of pictures.
HH1: So what is involved in air sealing?
HH2: It's basically sealing pathways of air from the conditioned air in the house into the attic, either up through hollow walls or between the exterior brick wall and the interior plaster.
HH1:  Do we need a lot of air sealing?
HH2: No.  It's actually not that bad.
HH1: And then after air sealing, we'll blow in cellulose insulation, right?
HH2: Right.
HH1:  Did either one of the insulation contractors call you back?
HH2: (grumbles.)


  1. This sounds like so much fun!?

  2. OOOh - a drop ceiling, does that mean that someday it will be finished and even more fabulously dramatic and high?


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