January 20, 2010

Local Love

Continuing Holyoke Home's week of Local Love!  I have a thing for handbags and shoes.  Show me a woman who doesn't and I'll show you.....well......a very unusual woman.  Probably unusual in a good way though.   Who needs all these handbags and shoes?! If you're someone who doesn't pine for them, then GOOD FOR YOU! You are clearly a much more evolved person that I am because, hello gorgeous:

These bags are made by a local artisan, El Diablo Shoes, and available for RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICES (Seriously El Diablo? $90 for an all leather bag handmade by you within 1 mile of my house?  You okay over there?) on her etsy shop.

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  1. I am absolutely loving the first handbag...it's GORGEOUS!


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