January 12, 2010

Vitamin D for Dogs

Apologies for the shaky image.  I had to fuss with the aperture settings on my Nikon D40 to even get this image.

Morgan, our Boston Terrier, follows the sun through the row house all morning until it disappears behind the multi-family building next door.  His routine begins in the library, where he was  - for a BRIEF WHILE - sleeping in a sunny chair (Morgans are not allowed on the furniture. But don't feel sorry for him because he has a more luxurious bed than the humans in the row house. He sleeps on cashmere.)  From the library, he follows the sun to the dining room, and then finally, to the kitchen -  as in the image above - where the sun lingers for a few more precious minutes of Vitamin D intake.


  1. Adorable sun pup! My apartment faces north and I get no direct sun. It doesn't bother me but I think after 5 years, not having a patch of sun to sleep in has had a negative effect on my cats.

  2. Oh to have the life of a dog ...... keeping up with the sunny spot being life's biggest worry!

  3. Stopping by from SITS to say happy Saturday Sharefest! Your dog is completely and totally adorable. We have a Boston Terrier as well, and lover her to pieces--they are the BEST dogs!

  4. All my animals love laying in the sun also. It's just so sweet to see it.


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