February 27, 2010

The Upstairs Bathroom Floor Project Re-Re-Recommences

I had some time last weekend to work on the upstairs bathroom floor. I've taken a two step approach to caulking the floor prior to painting it.  These 100 plus year old fir floors were never meant to be finished floors, so the spaces between floorboards are sometimes cavernous and echo-y enough to lose a barrette, a pinata, or a small dog.

During the first pass with acrylic caulk, I just try to fill in the major gaps. I let it dry and harden for a week, then go at it again to create a more smooth, level surface.  Et, voila:

All that crawling around on the floor gets me very close to the bead board. Oh bead board. You are my Mt. Everest. My Waterloo.
After removing the nasty giant vinyl panels from the bead board, we were left with lots and lots of  this:
I did some research (thank you fellow house bloggers!) on what might soften the adhesive enough to remove it, all the while not producing enough toxic fumes to knock out a pinata or small dog.  According to y'all, this is the product to use:
I am not being paid or recompensed in anyway to say the following: This stuff is AWESOME. It's thick consistency clung to the vertical surface while softening the adhesive. And it really does smell like an orange. Not a toxic orange. Just plain old orange.  Cleaning off the bead board will still take for-effing ever, but at least we know it's possible.

February 16, 2010

More Vitamin D For Dogs

Morgan has recently found a sunny spot at the office too. I've noticed that he's really a lot more calm after he's spent some time in the sun, and it seems to go beyond the normal relaxation that happens from being warmed by the sun's rays.

February 5, 2010

Pedestal Sink

Is it bad that I go to our local ReStore and buy things that perhaps a person less fortunate than I could have? I'm a little conflicted about this because the truth is: I shop there for two reasons:
1. I would rather reuse something that would otherwise go into a landfill than buy something new in a box.
2. The prices are really really good.

As part of our upstairs bathroom renovation project, we visited ReStore looking for a bathroom vanity because the vanity that was there when we bought the house was functional but.....hideous (picture is small on purpose. That's a lot of ugly.)

And we were very lucky to find this gorgeous pedestal vanity for $50. No dings or scratches. For $50. Crazy, right?

We like that it's white and has a really clean elegant shape. Now....how to integrate that modern shape into a bathroom covered with BEADBOARD.