March 30, 2010

Back Porch Demo Discoveries

In a way, its a REALLY good thing we removed the upper and lower back porch enclosures, because we found two problems (of which we were not aware) that - if not addressed - could have caused copious weeping, much arm flailing, and serious injury. So yeah, we're happy with the demo. Exhibit one:

What? What's that you say? THOSE ARE CARPENTER ANTS. We found two carpenter ant nests during demo. Two. Carpenter ant nests.

Also? Exhibit Two:

That would be a completely rotten porch footing. There was actually sunlight coming in from the other side.  You could see THROUGH the footing. So Mr. Man secured it temporarily with some 2x4s.  And you thought I was just being dramatic when I said 'serious injury'. To quote Mr. Man? "I'm not sure what was holding up the porch."

Maybe Jesus?


  1. Jesus does know how to do a lot of things. :)


    also Journaling Woman

  2. I love renovating and remodeling but I am always so scared of what we are going to find in our house. Oh the joys of home ownership!
    504 Main

  3. That is scary! Glad that you discovered it before the porch came tumbling down!

    Enjoy your SITS day :)

  4. Happy SITS Day :) Urgh! My sister just found carpenter ants on her porch - they are such a PITA. Love our blog and I will definitely be back!


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