March 26, 2010

Bathroom Floor Progress and BE GONE UGLY FENCE

I FINALLY finished caulking the freaking upstairs bathroom floor in preparation for painting it. I'd take a picture, but it is VERY BORING.

To celebrate?  Mr. Man and I ripped out the hideous fence around the tiny front yard.  I don't know why this fence bothered me so much. It's just your standard, ordinary grey metal fence.  But it seemed so ridiculous to have a three-foot fence around such a small space (picture below is from late last summer.)

In addition to making weeding and planting next to impossible, the fence felt so....I don't know....... Conservative? Unfriendly? Go away-ish? So - two muscle relaxants needed after - out it came! Now I have the enviable task of figuring out what to plant there.  Such a rough life.

Here's an after:

Here are my current thoughts about planting this bed:
- Existing plants=Eh. There are some boring pale pink sedum, and a few wimpy variegated hosta that might flesh out with the application of composted cow manure.  I left them for now because I'm not opposed to keeping existing plants, they just don't excite me.
-  I want four season interest as much as possible. That lovely rhododendron (which I cut back after buds set last fall) definitely helps, but more winter interest would be great.
-The look should be lush but not busy, with a color scheme that utilizes the color and shape of the foliage as much as the color and shape of flowers. I want the color scheme to accent the orange brick.
- I don't want anything that spreads like crazy. So don't even think of suggesting beebaum or mint.
- LOW maintenance please.
- It gets full sun. Except under the rhododendron.

So, what do you think I should plant? Any local landscapers want to help me in exchange for a few grateful shout outs and free ad space?


  1. Maggie! Do you know Nancy Howard Smith? Local artistic landscaper who needs some word of mouth!

  2. I want to comment on the fence. It looked like a nice fence, but sure didn't fit in with your beaufiful house. Looks much better.

  3. Christine! I do know Nancy. Do you think she'd be interested in doing up a plan to post online?

  4. Oh it looks great! It is so much more open! I think a chain-link fence can work if it's covered in ever-green vines (like evergreen Clematis armandii).

    What zone are you? If you are zone 6 or warmer a hardy Rosemary hedge might work (might be interesting in the front not necessarily as a foundation)...I went to school for Horticulture (BS is Ornamental Horticulture) but I'm a little rusty on what is hardy where.
    I like the idea of Rhododendron. There are some good sturdy Hollies out there that are low growing and act like Boxwood (which I love) you may want to investigate.

    :) As always, I love your blog. So inspiring.

  5. Great changes...I love that you are documenting them on a blog. Good for you.

  6. Holly is lovely in the winter and the dark, glossy green would look great against those bricks. Black-eyed Susans would also look good in late summer and they're low maintenance. Bulbs for the spring. Depends on how much foot traffic you get, too - you don't want things getting squashed.

  7. I enjoy your posts and admire all your efforts and hard work. I use to sell real estate and always loved the old restored homes. Submit CUTE or FUNNY photos and tell friends to vote. $2,000 in prizes. No entry fee.


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