March 5, 2010

Farm Shares Available

I belong to a CSA - which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. As they say, membership has its privileges. Every week from May to November, I pick up a 1/2 share of fresh, delicious, organic, and locally grown produce.

I got a message earlier this week that - AMAZINGLY- farm shares are still available at my CSA,  Mountain View. What are you waiting for?! Get on the horn!


  1. Oh look at that! I cannot afford a share so Bugink and I are going to grow our own awesome csa garden in my backyard. When it's all green and beautiful we will have a garden party with fancy drinks and fresh greens and invite you over!

    Until then you are welcome to drop your leftovers here! :o)

  2. I love your posts. Your pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing all this beauty.


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