April 10, 2010

This Post Not Appropriate for Young Children

The demise of the lamb cake.


  1. Wonderful! That so reminds me of a gal I worked with. On Fat Tuesday she would always bring a lamb cake into the office!

    I can't find a recipe for a Lamb cake, but my daughter makes a bunny cake!

  2. Visiting from SITS! Forgot to mention! I also have some other blog carnivals going on!

  3. Oh Lambykins, I bet you were delicious....

  4. That post title made me laugh out loud. Great cake. I love all that you are doing with your place, it's looking great. My favorite is the front yard, I agree, good bye ugly fence!!
    Huge bummer about the carpenter ants, I am sure you were about ready to throw up when you saw that. UGH!!
    Just stopping over from SITS and glad I did. Off to look around some more.

  5. I made a lamb this year with Rice Krispies Treats and you should see what my adult children did to it.
    Come over and read my Easter recap.

  6. This is sooo funny! I love it! Here from SITS - great blog!


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