May 28, 2010

Back Porch - Your Opinion Please!

Dear Interweb Pee-pul,  I need your excellent help picking out back porch colors.

We decided to leave the back porch 'as is' for now instead of removing the roof and installing a fancy awning. So we're not making any structural changes to the back porch - for now (WARNING: living with a licensed architect can result in STRUCTURAL CHANGES.  WITHOUT WARNING. OVER A WEEKEND.........SURPRISE!)

Because the long term plan for the back porch involves doubling its size and adding a three season room below (purrrrr) we didn't want to spend a lot making the existing porch enjoyable and functional. So we didn't. We reused pressure treated 2x4s from the demo, and we bought yards of cheap fencing. And I am SO happy with how it turned out. Before....

And now......

To help you advise me, here are some porch color schemes I like:

(from Photoseyeluv)

(Loving the purple-ish grey! via MetroCard City)

(via khoury23)

(via nechachan)

Everything that's currently painted is your basic medium grey - except the doors and windows. The doors and window also need to be painted.  All of it is peeling. There are lots of surfaces to paint. How do I break it up?
- Porch supports and railing - currently medium grey
- Porch ceilings (up and down) - currently medium grey
- Porch floor - medium grey
- Back doors  - random! (what is up with the turquoise/yellow/beige/brown combo?!)
- Window frame - red

Do we leave the ceilings and floors grey? Do we leave the porch supports grey, but put a fresh coat on? Do we paint the railing a different color than the porch supports?  What say you?!


  1. I've always been partial to white woodwork on brick buildings. Sounds boring and trite but to me the white just "pops out" from the red bricks.

  2. I like the grey-ish putty color with a bright detail (red, turquoise etc.)

  3. I like the purplish-grey as well, although I must say Cheryl has a good thought: sometimes just white trim works well too. I've seen white trim with light blue ceilings and grey floors that seems to work well...

  4. Oh--and...

    by the way, I am AMAZED at the job you have done on the back porch. It looks like a totally different place! Lovely.

  5. The porch looks AMAZING! He did that in a weekend? What a great job!

    I like the purplish gray. You could do the wood in that dark purple and the trim in white.

    Whatever you do I hope that yellow iron table is there somewhere, so pretty!

  6. I would go with a brown/gray color for the supports and railing, paint the doors black and leave the turquoise door as is (for a pop of color).

    I'm sure whatever you choose, it will look fantastic!

  7. I am really happy to have found your blog! You are working so hard to make that beautiful house a home. How fun to let us all share in the process!

    Thanks for linking up for my photo challenge! :)

  8. AnonymousMay 28, 2010

    Looks awesome! I'd say if you wanna stick with gray, make it a paler gray.

    What's up with the color combos?? I like the red, the yellow and the teal... but all together, and with brown?

    I say pale gray with the bright yellow or teal. :) Kinda crazy, but it would just look so happy.

  9. Hmm, I really think a white or cream would lift it and make it look more airy (I know it's open to the air, so that sounds silly, but I hope you know what I mean!)

  10. Just dropping by to say thanks for visiting my town with me. Make sure you have the pronunciation of the town you're visiting down-pat. They boot you out if you say it wrong! Enjoy your trip!

  11. I love the way white posts look. Kind of classic. I like the first sample picture you posted.


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