June 18, 2010

Farm Share Friday!

Every Friday through the fall, Holyoke Home is sharing images from our weekly farm share at Mountain View Farm in Easthampton. I hope you'll enjoy seeing what the farm has to offer.**

Two items showed up this week that I didn't get photos of, because I forgot to bring my camera to pick-up. Grrrrr. Beets made their first appearance this week! There were two varieties - the dark red variety and beautiful Chiogga beets, which are so gorgeous I am afraid to eat them. They are a lighter pink on the outside and pink and white striped on the inside.  Garlic scapes also showed up this week.  POTENT and GOOD!  I sauteed them up with some swiss chard=delish.

I went back later in the week for our u-pick items, and brought my camera this time. I mostly had the farm to myself.  In addition to dill, cilantro and sugary, crunchy snap peas, I picked more strawberries. Is there anything to be said - that hasn't already - about the pure delight in a berry that's still warm from the sun?

And now we know why the farm is called 'Mountain View'

We were asked not to pick flowers this week so they could grow in a little more. Somehow, I managed to follow directions.


  1. Sweet snap peas. I could taste them and the strawberries as you wrote.

  2. You are so making me regret no joining the local farm share thingie. Then I remember that I would have to bring everything home and still cook. Hmm...

  3. Oh man! I have the best memories picking strawberries as a child. Oh and there is no way I would have been able to follow the "don't pick flowers" instructions. Those are gorgeous.

  4. Strawberry picking! How fun! I am adding it to my summer must-do list! Have a great weekend.

  5. Those strawberries look amazing! I so need a farm.

  6. AnonymousJune 18, 2010

    I gotta admit... I get a little smile on my face every time I see that you wrote a farm post :)

    Can't wait til you get to pick flowers!

  7. I love fresh grown veggies! I can't wait until my garden is ready for harvest!

  8. Your pictures are just beautiful! I've been through a few of your posts now and you're very good! Love the farm posts!

    Thanks for visiting today.


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