June 7, 2010

Guest Post: Fancy Hardware!

Today's post comes from a Holyoke homeowner extraordinaire. She makes Holyoke a better place to live and work through her creativity and dedication (she also makes AMAZING handmade shoes and bags.) She helps organize Bring Your Own Restaurant and is in the process of renovating her second Holyoke home. Welcome Daphne! Daphne writes:

"A few years ago, we bought a house exactly one block away from our first Holyoke renovation project. We bought this house for a variety of reasons, the first being that it was incredibly cheap. The second reason: it was an eyesore that we had to look at every day. Bad gray-wash old paint job, couch permanently parked in the front yard, interior a sea of cheap 1970s wood paneling. Most people would probably steer clear of such a house, but we were up for the challenge.

We focused on the positives--tin ceilings in most rooms, lots of windows to let in light, a crazy faux-turret on the roof, and oak floors hidden beneath the carpeting. We neglected to fully appreciate how much paint was encrusted on almost every surface.

Two years after buying the house I finally removed this lock from a rustic built-in cabinet and submerged it in Citristrip for a couple of days. I was amazed to find such an ornate beauty underneath it all--our house was very plainly built in 1879. Nothing fancy. Except this hardware!"

Great Job Daphne!


  1. What a find! And those layers of paint, oy, we had them in a rental built in 1805. It was charming but no way were we ever going to buy something that needed such extensive remodeling.

  2. AnonymousJune 07, 2010

    Wow! Who would paint over that???

  3. What a shame someone painted over (and over and over) that beautiful work. So glad it found someone to reveal it's true inner beauty.

  4. my grandmother had latches like that in her old house, looking at yours brouhgt back a flood of memories hiding in the closets and cubbys, finding treasures and old photos.
    stopping by from sits


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