July 14, 2010

Asking For Help When You Need It

A couple months ago, we removed the fence from around our small front yard. While it looks better without the ugly metal fence, it's still pretty sad lookin'.  I had no idea how to make our front property elegant, user-friendly and welcoming.  In other parts of my life, I ASK FOR HELP WHEN I NEED IT.  Why should gardens be any different? 

Nancy Howard, a landscape architect who lives here in Holyoke, said she'd be happy to help for a little bloggy love. I've seen her work and met her at last years' Bring your own RestaurantSo Nancy came over, books, measuring tape, and camera in hand to document the current state of things. Click on the image below to see a larger version:

Nancy's first thought to liven up this space and increase our quality of life? TREES. Why does Nancy love trees? Let her count the ways:
1. Trees slow down the velocity of rain to prevent runoff and flooding.
2. Trees provide summer shade (yes please) and year-round privacy (uh-huh).
3. Trees provide winter visual interest and allow winter sun (as long as you pick a tree with an airy canopy)
4. Trees provide a calming visual transition from the busy street to the front door.

Hmmm....I think there may be some trees involved in our final plan. Come back on Monday to see Nancy's final beautiful front garden design  Have any questions for Nancy Howard about landscape design/maintenance? E-mail her at nhowardsmith [at] comcast [dot] net or visit Nancy Howard Landscape and Garden Design on  facebook.


  1. Whoa! She's determined. Trees are da bomb!

  2. You can never go wrong with trees. Trees are awesome!

  3. oooo, nice! I'm a big fan of asking for help too (and offering it, what goes around, comes around!)

    Popping over from SITS, have a GREAT day!

  4. Thats for sure..Trees has many benefits too..

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