July 2, 2010

Farm Share Friday!

**Every Friday through October, Holyoke Home is posting images from our weekly farm share at Mountain View Farm in Easthampton. I hope you'll enjoy seeing what the farm has to offer!**

New last week (but not blogged about): these elegant, tiny, elongated red and white radishes. Crunchy and a little peppery. Great in salad.
New Englanders are SO nervous about this year's tomato crop because ALL our tomatoes died last year from blight. This year, the farm is growing some tomatoes inside a greenhouse to protect against blight.

In the mean time - while they ripen - New Englanders are bracing themselves for the possibility of more blight by pretending we never really liked tomatoes to begin with. We are pretty much failing.


  1. AnonymousJuly 02, 2010

    I love the greenhouse :)

  2. Hi! The radishes in your photo are French Breakfast Radishes, and they are delicious as is, or sliced and layered over good butter (or cream cheese) on good bread. Also, your photo of the tomatoes in the greenhouse is lovely! -Nicole, A Bushel of What

  3. I think I could nestle right down in the straw and live in that greenhouse. Happily.


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