July 22, 2010

Holyoke Home of the Week

**This house is STILL FOR SALE as of 12/17/10. Sale price reduced to $69,000!**

Periodically, we feature a property for sale in Holyoke that we think is special. We call it the Holyoke Home of the Week.  Visit our Disclosure page for the deets.

I am super excited about this week's Holyoke Home of the week because the listing agent, Traci Gagne actually let me get inside to document some of the amazing original details of this Holyoke home. You should make an offer on this house.  2500 square feet of living space, a corner lot, front and side yard, and off street parking. And it's one block from Wistariahurst Museum, which serves as a property value anchor.
It's located at 241 Oak Street in the 'tree street' area of town. Let me say first? The kitchen and bathrooms are complete disasters. Complete. Epic. May-jah. There is a new roof and new boiler. White vinyl replacement windows and vinyl siding throughout. There's a nice summer sleeping porch off a master bedroom that could easily be restored to enjoy a gorgeous view.

The property features the original solid wood doors and original Eastlake brass door pulls and plates throughout.
As well as original window surrounds and original big high baseboards. We think we found original tin ceilings in one room, but don't quote me on that.

But the fire places. Three of them in total. Just try not to WEEP at the gorgeous.
The downstairs floors are covered with plywood and vinyl, so we weren't able to pull up a corner to determine the quality of the original wood floors, but the second story hardwood floors are in very good condition.
The house was (obviously) a single family home that was - at some point - turned into a two family. When they turned it into a two family, they REMOVED THE FRONT STAIRCASE, leaving the back staircase as access to the 2nd floor apartment. BUT they RE-USED the original front staircase in a weird second floor addition that you'll want to remove. So the original front staircase is still IN the house, just not in the original location. Look at those details.
My heart aches a little at the potential.


  1. I LOVE this feature! Keeps the houses coming. It's amazing that for the price of well... an really upscale kitchen... you could buy a house with incredible details.


  2. The exterior belies what lies within.

  3. Awesome house! Thanks for sharing!


  4. pvep-kristen - let us know if you have a blog you'd like us to visit!

  5. Gorgeous fireplaces and newel post! I will never understand what inspires people to take a house like that and put linoleum (shudder) on the floors and rip out woodwork.

    I hope it finds a nice new owner who is inspired to make it lovely again.

  6. what a deal. I want to buy it.

  7. Holy cow!! That place would be a wonderful home. A little too much work for me, though. I'm tearing my hair out as it is! ha

  8. *drools* If I had money, I would love to fix that place up - that could be SUCH a pretty house. I've always wanted to renovate an old house when I get my own. *puts it on bucket list.* :)
    Great blog - I'm totally following!

  9. I love the detailed work of the banister. Surprisingly that it wasn’t painted.

  10. I love Colonial or 1800's Americana mantles they embody this romantic notion of the American revolutionary and later civil war.
    I'm a bit bias when it comes to antique mantles and ancient elements of architecture and I can't hide my love affair with them since it's what I do for a living!
    check out my blog at Phoenicianstone.blogspot.com

    Thanks, Joe

    Thanks, Joe

  11. Ahhhh.....I LOVE the East Coast homes!

    Living in California we have nothing like your architecture and history ... which is terribly sad to me! I "fake" primitive and rustic themes in my home, which I'll post soon on my site. How I wish I could just MOVE INTO a home with these wonderful features authentically in place :)

    Thanks for the beautiful photos!

  12. I love this post. The house was very simply yet for me it was inviting and captivating. I like the features also, it was cool. Thank you for sharing cool post.

    Charles A


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