July 5, 2010

Our Meager Plot

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A reader commented on a Friday Farm Share post, "Wow! Your garden is really big!" And I laughed because - ahem - those who know me would NEVER describe me as a 'farmer' type. Because farms are not conducive to wearing shoulder grazing earrings. Or strappy wedge-heeled sandals. Or volume in the crown.

The other reason I laughed? Our ACTUAL meager garden looks like the poor city cousin in comparison to Mountain View. That being said? I am TOTALLY enjoying our ridiculous little veggie plot and feel very lucky to fret about whether or not the cucumbers are happy. p.s. I don't think the cucumbers are happy.

Exhibit A: Our Veggies

Exhibit B: Mountain View's veggies

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  1. Um, yeah. About those cukes...failure to thrive is what comes to mind. Just a suggestion from someone who knows a bit about gardening, your garden looks like it could use some fertilizer. Good luck with this and please keep us posted. I can't wait to see your very first tomato!

  2. Right now our sad little veggie garden only has tomatoes because I neglected everything else. I might need to join a farm share too!


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