August 25, 2010

Back Porch Colors?

I've been putting off picking back porch colors. I admit it. It's been two months since we removed the horrid enclosed room on the back of our row house and made it into an awesome open porch. But it REALLY needs to be painted.


I don't want to paint it. Instead, I want a neighborhood gang of friendly squirrels who sing cheery little songs while they work to magically paint it. Thats probably not going to happen.

So I picked out some colors. From left to right, the railing, the floor and ceiling, and the party wall:

What do you think?


  1. Love, love, love. I've been considering a similar combination for my kitchen (this week). They would look so awesome in that great space.

  2. Nice! What kind of paint are you going to use for the floor?

  3. When those happy squirrels are done painting your porch, send them down to NJ. I have some work for them to do.

    The color combos are great. I like that the first two colors are neutral and your party wall is the pop of color. Over time, the party wall can be changed out easily to another fun color.

  4. I actually might know some squirrel types who would help you in exchange for cookies!

  5. I really like them. It looks like you took an aspect from each of your inspirational photos from the previous porch post and put them together - so I think you'll be very happy with it. I love the yellow/orangey colour. It makes me happy - I think it's a great colour for an outdoor space. What does Mr. Man say?

  6. I love it. Reminds me of my crazy paint scheme in our parlor. Also, we have a similar bold orange/yellow on our back porch. It makes it seems so bright and cheery.
    I can't believe you don't want to paint. I LOVE painting.

  7. Hmmmmm...Guess we'll have to see it when it's done. I can't visualize these colors together. I'm assuming you did...So, I'll wait! :-)

  8. Yay!! I've been waiting weeks for this decision haha

    Love it! I dunno what a "party wall" is, but it sounds AWESOME.

  9. I love the brown and the orange but I'm not a huge fan of gray. If it were me I would do the gray on the floor and a light blue on the ceiling.

    Good luck with those squirrels. :)

  10. I like them, especially the party wall color!

  11. I love all those colours! Do you find colours hard to pick? I do - I think that's often the hardest decision to make when painting! Choosing paint colours - argh!! So I think you've done a great job to get to this point. And I can relate re's ok for the first 5 minutes when you can ooh and ahh over your paint colour then it gets extremely annoying and boring!


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