August 12, 2010

Yesterdog. A What Dog? A Yesterdog.

I'm writing about my trip to Grand Rapids Michigan this week. In addition to visiting Lake Michigan and a gorgeous Dale Chihuly art exhibit, I also payed homage at a sacred place of my 'yoot'. Yesterdog. Growing up in Grand Rapids, we lived three blocks from this hotdog heaven. 
When my mom went back to school to get her Masters and Dad was left in charge of feeding my sister and I, sometimes, if we were REALLY lucky, he came home with a bag of Ultradogs and cheese curls all around.
Yesterdog opened in 1978, and I've been eating there pretty much ever since. Though the prices on the menu have changed, the menu has not. You choose from the following: Yesterdogs, Chedderdogs, Ultradogs, Krautdogs, Veggiedogs, AND I'm going to share a secret with you: There is another dog not on the menu. A Killerdog (which is an Ultradog plus saurkraut.) Of course, that's what I order.
They don't look like much, but TRUST. ME. They are worth a plane flight and a drive across town.
Where did you eat as a kid that still holds sway in your heart?


  1. My family lived in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts when I was growing up, and every weekend in the summer my dad would put all of us kids in the car and we would ride down to Hartford Connecticut to a little seasonal foot long hot dog stand where we would pig out on chili dogs and curly fries!! If we scarfed it down without fighting with one another over who had what, we would also get a Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream on the way back! Yesterdog reminds me of that hot dog stand! Good memories! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nicks Nest is still a favorite for me!!!

  3. Since I'm from Chicago the hot dog is in my blood...and I love them with saurkraut too, but don't tell a real Chicago dog eater that! There was a little icecream stand that sold soft was called the Custard Castle. Loved that place as a kid! Unfortunately it's gone but my love of soft serve icecream has never left!

  4. Grandma's - I grew up in Poland and even though I've been a vegetarian for years, there is something about grandma's cabbage rolls or white baszcz. I can eat an entire plate of plain crepes, no toppings... I used to sneak them from her as she made them fresh. It was all such good, solid simple food, but it's still my favourite.

  5. Nostalgic... yes

    Interesting... yes

    Cool.... yes

    Looks like heartburn waiting to happen... Heck Yeah

  6. I haven't eaten a Yester all summer. Must remedy that. I always make Mr. Skooks order for me because I've been yelled at for not ordering fast enough or understanding that the dog orders get shouted out by everyone in the room before they will take your drink/chip order. Awhile back the building across from Yesterdog burned down. No one was hurt but the whole building was destroyed. It was sad and all, but secretly I was just so glad it wasn't Yesterdog! I'm terrible.

  7. You're killing me!!!! Must. Get. Hotdog. Now.

  8. Well thanks for swinging over to my blog :) I hope you have a great Friday!!!

  9. In New Jersey, you could go to Rutt's Hut for fried hot dogs, I can still taste them or the other delicious one I am craving now is an Italian Style Hot Dog, in a crusty, Italian sub roll with fried onions, peppers, potatoes, oh baby what I would give to have one of those...even just the roll which I have never found here in Ohio : (


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