September 10, 2010

Friday Farm Share!

**Every Friday, Holyoke Home is posting images from our weekly farm share at Mountain View Farm. Mountain View is currently offering a 100 pound Winter Farm Share for $110, available for pickup just before Thanksgiving. If you're interested, contact the farm for more info: 413.329.0211 or email them at**

The sun was potent - almost stultifying - this week at the farm.
Maybe I was in a daze from the sun, but I decided I wanted to wander out to the rumor of beehives in the fields.
Strolling among the rows of gorgeous produce, I had the WEIRDEST aromatic experience. Potent broccoli on my left rose up to meet sweet basil under my feet while savory thyme wafted from my right. My nose was so confused, "Pesto? Roast chicken? Pesto roast chicken? Broccoli?!"
Hundreds of bees catapult out of the hives, like angry circus clowns out of a cannon. It was a little scary and I didn't linger out there. I kept thinking what my Dad told me a million times as a kid who freaked out around bugs, "If you don't bother them, they won't bother you."
I turned around to head back and saw this view. Worth the entire farm share fee - if you ask me.
The raspberries are coming in beautifully this year. Alas, only 1/2 pint this week. Because we have to share. With others. Screw you, others.
Guess where these went next. Hint: they did not go in my pocket.
Yup. In one fell swoop. Right. In. My. Mouth.


  1. I need to know what kind of raspberries produce this late, mine (admittedly totally wild ones) have been gone since the end of July. What a gorgeous farm that is.

  2. Your "Screw you, others" comment caught me just right, and I'm still laughing. Thanks!

  3. I live in South Texas. No raspberries grow here.

    Grew up in northern Minnesota. I knew where all the raspberry bushes were in my neighborhood. Miss that.

  4. "Screw you, others" - you crack me up.

    I think this is my favorite post. Beautiful and funny.

  5. My grandparents used to grow raspberries... oh the summer memories :)

    Stunning view

  6. That's how I like to eat my raspberries too - one fell swoop! Michele


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