September 1, 2010

Holyoke Home of the Week

Periodically, we feature a property for sale in Holyoke, Massachusetts, that we think is special. We call it the Holyoke Home of the Week.  Visit our Disclosure page if you'd like us to feature a home you represent! I stalk homes online, but getting INSIDE a house takes it to a whole other level.

Okay, This row house is no Taj Mahal. In fact, I'd say - except for the amazing original architectural details - it is a TOTAL gut job. TOTAL. UTTER. GUT.  But before you get all jumpy toward conclusions, please look at these pictures. Also? The asking price is $38k. That's right: 1400 square feet and a small private backyard for less than $40k. Take that Boston and New York.
Doorway with glass transom and original wood canopy.
Original windows throughout with added Storms
Carved Brownstone Lintel and Sill
Original detailed wood canopy over front entryway. Pretty!
Original Newel posts and (painted) banisters
The original hardwood floors look pretty good on both upstairs and down
Original sandwich glass knobs throughout. Most woodwork is
painted :(
Tons of beautiful natural light from upstairs front bay windows
Original door surrounds throughout. No original baseboards,
except around the staircase and in two rooms upstairs :(
Couldn't get to actual backyard, but this is the backyard of an adjoining unit -
so you can see the size
Both top and bottom Newel Posts are original and in great condition
This can't hurt the property value


  1. Looks Great.. Good choice

  2. Yay!
    Holyoke rowhouses are fab.
    Thanks for posting about this one!

  3. oh wow. i would so buy this if i could.

  4. Carpet and paneling can, it seems, be criminal. Once I finish school and send my kids to college I am buying one of these so I can spend my Sundays scraping paint and swearing loudly.

  5. What a gem! It is actually a blessing that this is a gut job, that way it can be properly refitted with up-to-code electric, plumbing, insulation etc., rather than retrofitted in an attempt to save money (having once lived in a 1920 Craftsman that had these items "repaired" instead of "replaced" I can tell you it's no picnic). I hope it finds a loving new owner soon.

  6. Dang! That's cheap! just imagine everything you could do to it :)

  7. Wow, if I wasn't in the middle of my own rehab I would snap this up. I will send the link to friends.

  8. Holy Moly! $38K?! I see so much potential and there is so much charm. I love charm! I wish I had an extra 100K laying around. Make that $200K.

  9. Is there an MLS listing for this?


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