September 24, 2010

Special Farm Share Friday

Last weekend, Holyoke hosted its first Saturday Farmers Market downtown at Open Square. Open Square is (in my totally biased opinion) the heart of Holyoke's renaissance (if that's what we're calling it.)

There were golden-yoked local eggs and whole chickens (sorry chickens); granola and bread and APPLE WRAPS made with flaky pastry crust; local ice cream (for to go on the APPLE WRAP?); grass-fed beef with grilled sliders for sale; and fresh produce from two local farms, our very own Mountain View, and further flung - but no less lovely - Granby's Red Fire Farms.
The vendor were so pleased with the local turn-out that they're all interested in coming back next spring for a weekly Saturday farmers market at Open Square.  I'm more thrilled about this than if my favorite pair of sunglasses decided to wander home. I'm more thrilled than if Design*Sponge actually published my coffee table before and after. I'm more thrilled than if Lonny and Living Etc. magazines both showed up in my mailbox ON THE SAME DAY.
Yup. I'm pretty thrilled.

Thank you to all the vendors, thank you to Open Square staff for pulling it together, and thank you to all who came for making it a success.


  1. All I have to say is YAY for you, and YAY for Holyoke!!! :-)

  2. That's it. I'm moving to Holyoke :)

  3. this looks fantastic! wouldn't mind living in Holyoke either!

  4. I love our market here every Wed. and Sat. until the second weekend in Oct...not very far away, sob,sob! Yours looks like a great one too! How fun for Holyoke!

  5. I cannot wait until I can walk out of 9 am Yoga and buy my weeks veggies!

  6. Looks like a great market! I'm sure it will continue to be a success.


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