October 22, 2010

Friday Farm Share!

**Every Friday, Holyoke Home posts images from our weekly farm share at Mountain View Farm. For little birdies in the area, 2011 Farm Shares at Mountain View are available! Contact the farm to bring all the gorgeousness you've seen here to your home.**

It was a cloudy fall day this week at Mountain View.  The clouds made lighting images a little tricky. One of these days.......

I'm going to take a photo class to learn about this thing I love.

October is the end of our farm share, and you can see most parts of the field have been replanted with a cover crop, then turned. A few leafy green items remain:
Amazingly, though only two weeks remain in our Farm Share, Mountain view is still offering new items every week. Last week, it was tender spinach, this week, it was rutabagas (on the far, far left above) We also could choose from cabbage, leeks, bok choy, hakuri turnips, sweet potatoes, beets of many colors, turnips, and delicata squash, along with one butternut squash per share and braising greens galore.
Among all this bounty, I met a new friend who wouldn't come home with me.


  1. I guess it's true that all good things must come to an end. The veggies and love of all things Farm Share would be the good...*sigh*...Until next year!! What gorgeous pictures! The sky feels like it's jumping up to meet us! :-)

  2. Those trees are so cool!

  3. I love all the fall products!! I'm gonna miss the colorful pictures.

  4. Gorgeous tree color! What a splendid time of year this is. :-D

  5. ...what a wonderful treat...

    Good day!!!:)


  6. Anne! That's NOT Morgan!!!!

  7. I decided last week that I need to take a photography class as well. Using the auto setting is not the way to go!


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