October 29, 2010

Last Friday Farm Share (until 2011)

**Every Friday since May, Holyoke Home has posted images from our weekly farm share at Mountain View Farm. For little birdies in the area, 2011 Farm Shares at Mountain View are available! Contact the farm to bring all the gorgeousness you've seen here to your home.**

There were extra butternut squash this week per share - just to make the end of the season that much more bittersweet?
But there was also extra cabbage, so.......

The root on the right is PURPLE hakurei turnips. Yes, they were really that color. They taste like a cross between an apple and a radish: sweet, but with a hot peppery finish.
I didn't eat enough greens from the farm and a few bunches of kale may have ended up in the compost bin, but other than that, NO REGRETS! A hearty and heart-felt 'Thank you!' to the farm staff. We've already made our deposit for next year.
I welcome your thoughts about what kind of post should replace Friday Farm Share posts until next May!


  1. I hope whatever you chose to replace it with still has beautiful pictures to go with it...you are are great photographer.

  2. I still think snow. Though I can imagine that after a couple of weeks people in that area probably get tired of it! :)

  3. Or maybe Morgan. Or Morgan playing in the snow. Lol.

  4. Farm equipment?!.....Nah! Trees, flowers, people watching, pets,...really...ANYTHING you like! I'll be keeping an eye out! :-)

  5. Thanks Becky, PoetessWug and Cortney!

  6. Completely jealous of your farm share. Need to find a new CSA here next year. Happy Halloween!

  7. I double-dog dare you to come up with a dish that combines butternut squash and cabbage and post the recipe here! The possibilities are endless! :)

  8. So many vegetables, I love your farm!



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