October 18, 2010

The Mid-Century Modern Center of the Universe

I’ve been holding out on you.  For weeks now.

You know when you find a retail therapy location that is so yummy and cool, you don't tell anyone about it - lest some OTHER PERSON grab that cute skirt in your size? Well. I found the mid-century modern equivalent in GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN (This makes total sense, actually, given that Grand Rapids is the home of Herman-Miller, Steelcase, Stowe-Davis, etc.)  Grand Rapids' mid-century modern cup runneth freaking over.

On the East Coast? Oh please. No one can afford mid-century modern. But Grand Rapids is so LOUSY with it, they’re practically giving it away, so FLY AWAY my little birdies, with your UHauls in tow.  First up? Charming brass and teak rolling cart:
Becomes Bar/Plant stand:
More to come!


  1. WOW! That's really cute!! I know you didn't get that around here!! Holyoke is nice, but it ain't nice enough to give us that, I don't think!! LOL

  2. Love it! Grand Rapids - who'da thunk it? Can't wait to see the rest of the haul!

  3. Thanks, I don't collect Mid-century (so no worries on my scooping you) but this is so cool. I've been drooling over the ReStore in Springfield, MA, myself, from which a rather cruel friend in the area keep sending me photos. Looks like it is time for a trip to the Valley for me.

  4. Going to have to make a trip when I head back home to MI for Christmas!

  5. I hear that Flint is also a great place for MCM decor! One day I'll make the trek down there...I also want to hit the back roads of Pennsylvania which I hear are pretty amazing for deals.


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