October 20, 2010

Moving the Ball Down the Field

So, the bathroom is nowhere CLOSE to being done, but I'm delighted to report we moved the ball a little further down the field this weekend. And since this is supposed to be a Home and Garden blog - not a 'Look what I Found at the Salvation Army' blog, that's good thing. And I'm not even sorry about the football metaphor because it's fall and I grew up in Michigan and I am the daughter of two generations of Michigan State football fans (Go Spartans.) Click this link if you need the bathroom renovation back story.

Weeks ago, Mr. Man cut a LOOOOOOOOOONG and surprisingly (to me) heavy piece of thick steel plate the height of the floor joist that needs reinforcing.  When I asked him how he cut the steel, and he looked at me plainly and said, "with a torch."

Uh. Okay.

We had to put this:
 in here:
We lifted up a ton of metal and did a little steel plate shimmy dance. I would like to personally thank my Bootcamp instructor for making this possible.
 Then Mr. Man pre-drilled holes in the joist and installed lag bolts in the twenty five bazillion pre-cut holes in the steel he'd made to attach the steel plate to the floor joist. Because I am super helpful and awesome I ate a bowl of oatmeal and watched.
Um. Has someone been taking yoga orangutan arm stretching classes?!
 Next step is to lay subfloor and um......not? subfloor? so I can paint it.


  1. wow. Is Mr. Man for hire for home improvement projects?

  2. Make sure you put a little message on the steel plate before you close up the floor!

    Ugh, I would have complained the whole time while trying to shimmy the plate into place. You are a better woman than me!

  3. Looks like Mr. Man has it all under control!...Must have been all of your enthusiastic Oatmeal breathing instructions! :-]

  4. I think the not subfloor might just be the floor? I actually have no idea, just throwing stuff out there.

    He's quite the handyman!

  5. Great fix! Now you have a bionic rowhouse with steel-reinforced joists! Sounds like a transformer or something...

  6. hey there, I am a fan of your blog and your Holyoke, and @zup2u2 on twitter, I have some advice...I have been doing to a house what you are doing to your house with my Mr. Man for the last many years, and now I have an old Mr Man doing most of the heavy lifting so my advice is get as much done as you can while Your Mr Man is young cause getting old really slows down the reno process. Exponentially. May the force be with you.


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