October 25, 2010

Red Twig Dogwoods

Found an AWESOME deal on red twig dogwood trees at a local nursery, where I'd gone to get more Moo Doo for the garden (you can never have too much Moo Doo. Seriously. Buy three more bags than you think you need. I am not being paid to say this.)
Unfortunately (sometimes) for Mr. Man, I come from planet If-One-Is-Good-Then-It-Totally-Makes-Sense-That-Four-Is-Way-Better-Right? But knowing that an odd number of plants is more visually appealing we purchased five. Five red twig dogwood trees.  And Moo Doo. And mulch.  So then I was obligated to plant them. Red Twig Dogwoods provide gorgeous color in winter, and these will produce lovely white flowers in spring. All season awesome. I started playing around with placement.
I really took my time because once you plant a five gallon container of dirt, you don't want to move it.
Here's how I plant trees: dig a hole twice as wide and just as deep as your tree. place tree in hole and turn it around until you like what you see. Toss in a GENEROUS shovel full of Moo Doo or other compost and some slow release fertilizer too. Then fill the hole up 1/2 way with dirt and pat down. Then totally fill the hole with water and go did a hole for one of the other FOUR trees while you wait for the water to drain. When the water is drained, fill up the hole the rest of the way and pat down. Cover with copious amounts of mulch to the tree's drip line, but keep the mulch away from the trunk.

I worked my ASS OFF digging and digging, and turning and turning and stepping back to look, and filling and watering and mulching then I collapsed on the back porch in exhaustion and saw this. And it was good.


  1. Beautiful!!! All of your hard work was not in vain!....Now if you can just keep the dogs away from it, you'd really be perfect!!! :-)

  2. We have two but I can never see them since they live on the side of the shed. Now with seeing your new trees, I'm thinking about moving them.

  3. Wow! Looks terrific. What a nice thing to do in the back area. Mom

  4. Looks great! I've been thinking about adding something to my garden area in our backyard - these may just be it!

  5. I love the color of those :)

    "moo doo" hahahaha

  6. We have 3 really pretty dogwoods, but not sure if they're the same as yours. I love the spring color and the little red berries and red leaves in fall. Good choice!

  7. That is so pretty. I have a black thumb...my husband gave me a plant when we started dating and it dies and I thought it was an OMEN...thankfully it wasn't. I would have never know how to plant a tree if you hadn't said it here....I would have just filled the hole back up with dirt. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully when we have a yard of our own this will come in handy...until then I'll just admire yours.


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