October 27, 2010

Say It With Me: Bumping Out

To make room for the five red twig dogwood trees, I had to move a lot of perennials: a hosta or two, a big clump of pink phlox, and a hyssop bush (<-they smell SO GOOD, are a very pretty chartreuse color and are virtually indestructible. If hyssop bushes had a Facebook page, I would 'like' them.)

There was no space within existing beds, so I had to......bump out the beds. Bumping out. It's a nice and non-threatening way to describe the act of increasing the size of something. (One can also 'bump out' a dining room or a living room, for example.) Here's the before:

And after:

I have no idea what happened to the grass, but doesn't the bed look nice?


  1. It's does look nice! Le cute!! ^_^

  2. Those are some bumpin' beauties! Nicely done.

  3. Yay more plants!!

  4. Very pretty and it adds a bit more interest to the area...there's always room for more plants in a garden!

  5. The bed looks great! I think a nice varied line like that will add dimension to the whole back yard. Great garden!

  6. I had to "bump out" to bring this, our last, little baby into the world. Now I'm trying to figure out how to "bump in"....

    p.s.I know I've told you a million times how I love your garden.

  7. will you come bump out the beds in my yard too? and by bump out, i mean create from scratch?

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