November 29, 2010

What is Morgan Thinking?

As always, leave your answer to the question 'What is Morgan Thinking?' in the comments and come back later to read everyone else's funny responses.

November 24, 2010

Mid-Century Modern Moratorium

Mr. Man declared a mid-century modern moratorium until further notice because our Holyoke Home is "starting to look like a Mad Men set."

........................I know, right?

Because we each get veto power about what comes into the house, I was prepared to sell these on ebay. I was. I would not have hidden them in my underwear drawer, occasionally cradling them like two silvery and teak babies. No. I would definitely have sold them on e-bay. Thank you Mr. Man for letting me keep them.

November 22, 2010

How Not To Market Your Blog

We started Holyoke Home a year and a half ago, and other than a personalized banner design at the beginning (thanks and a few code tweaks here and there, Holyoke Home was pretty standard Home and Garden blog visually.  I worked with on a new look LAST MONTH. Oops. I am clearly a GENIUS marketer.

I hope you've been enjoying noticed the changes.

November 19, 2010

Friday Holyoke Fix: Canalwalk

I'm still totally bummed our farm share doesn't resume until next May or June. I miss the farm, I miss the veggies, and also? I miss knowing what the hell heck golly gosh to post on Fridays.  I've thought about new Friday post themes for our Home and Garden blog:
-No Farm Share Friday
-White Girl Rap Friday
And then I stopped thinking, because I was clearly high. But then I thought: I take pictures of my fair city all the time, and y'all seem to like 'em.  So until Friday Farm Share resumes, Holyoke Home will host 'Friday Holyoke Fix', featuring images of events, buildings, and people in the 'Yoke. First up? Me trying to be artsy. I took these on a walk along the first level canal downtown.
 Standing just south of the first level canal looking at the top floor of the Holyoke Die Cut Card Building, with city hall in the background. 

November 17, 2010

Grand Rapids Mid-Century Haul (continued)

Am I starting to piss some of you off with the PLENITUDE of my mid-century modern HAUL from Grand Rapids Michigan? That wouldn't give me a tiny sick pleasure at all. Not at all.

November 15, 2010

Holyoke Home of the Week

Like most home owners, I'm PARTICULARLY interested in homes for sale in my neighborhood; what are they like on the inside? When was it built? What changes have occured to the interior and exterior over time? It's pretty unusual - and thus very pleasurable - to know the answer to ANY of these questions, much less ALL of them. That's why this Holyoke Home of the Week is pretty special.

This home is one block from our Holyoke Home and Garden Blog central.  Morgan and I walk by it all the time, and I've often thought, "Boy, looks like someone really put a lot into that house." I had no idea. Before I show you the inside, let me show you a before and after. Before:

November 8, 2010

Our Upstairs Is Like the Old Lady Who Swallowed the Fly

So maybe you've noticed a dearth of posts on the subject of the actual HOME that is SUPPOSEDLY the subject of this blog? I mean honestly, we've lived here over a year, and the only project we've completed is the kitchen?! If we don't finish something soon, we'll have our blogger's license taken away.

And I really need that toaster.

Long ago, when we first moved in, Mr. Man and I negotiated a limit on the total number of 'ongoing' projects allowed at any one time. It doesn't bother Mr. Man to have holes in walls, or floors, or ceilings, or a combo platter of ALL THREE.  But for some reason when things in the house are askew, it totally freaks me out. It gives me hives and one really twitchy eye.

Believe it or not, ALL THE HOLES ARE RELATED (twitch twitch.)

Before we can move the bathroom project forward (hole #1), we have to deal with........a plumbing issue. We ripped up the floor to fix the joist, and it turns out the plumbing isn't quite legal. We're missing a sink vent. Why is a vent important?  According to Mr. Man, there's a danger that when you flush the toilet, it would pull the water from the trap for the sink or the tub out, resulting in wonderful odors and explosive gases entering the bathroom.

Yes. He actually said 'explosive gases.'

We discovered the original vent for the sink. Unfortunately it's in the location of the toilet. So, if we want the toilet to stay in it's current location, we have to install a new vent for the sink. So we needed to rip a wall open to see if it was possible to put the vent in the wall (hole #2). 

Now, at the same time, we are trying to insulate the attic. One of the issues of insulating is, you need to get a vent into the attic from the bathroom to deal with moisture issues, so we needed to.........wait for it.............poke a hole in the ceiling to see about clearance (hole #3).

Twitch twitch twitch. I'm singing that song about the Old lady who swallowed a fly. 

I know of a couple who bought an old house.
They demoed the bathroom to redo the floor,
They opened the floor to check the joist,
They married the joist to a big steel plate,
They noticed the plumbing didn't look right.
They opened the wall to fix the plumbing.
They opened the ceiling to vent the bathroom.

I don't know why they bought the house,
You'll occasionally hear them grouse. (twitch) 

November 4, 2010

Grand Rapids Mid-Century Haul (continued)

As if the brass, teak and glass rolling cart wasn't enough, my trip to Grand Rapids (the mid-century modern center of the universe) also brought me this mid-century modern RECORD ALBUM holder (Holla back if you know what a record album is.) I could tell you what I paid, but then you'd want to kill me.

I'm thinking bed-side table. What do you think? It's completely empty inside.

November 1, 2010

What is Morgan Thinking?

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