November 19, 2010

Friday Holyoke Fix: Canalwalk

I'm still totally bummed our farm share doesn't resume until next May or June. I miss the farm, I miss the veggies, and also? I miss knowing what the hell heck golly gosh to post on Fridays.  I've thought about new Friday post themes for our Home and Garden blog:
-No Farm Share Friday
-White Girl Rap Friday
And then I stopped thinking, because I was clearly high. But then I thought: I take pictures of my fair city all the time, and y'all seem to like 'em.  So until Friday Farm Share resumes, Holyoke Home will host 'Friday Holyoke Fix', featuring images of events, buildings, and people in the 'Yoke. First up? Me trying to be artsy. I took these on a walk along the first level canal downtown.
 Standing just south of the first level canal looking at the top floor of the Holyoke Die Cut Card Building, with city hall in the background. 

Our new(ish) canal walk along the first level canal. So thankful the first phase of this project is complete.
Building abutting the first level canal. The full sign reads 'Artist's Market', but I've never seen an Artist's Market here. Maybe it's actually a poignant art installation entitled "the artist's market that isn't: In which I draw your attention to the possibility that art is all around you all the time man."


  1. Oh I love this new Friday feature! There is so much awesome here you may have to do it twice a week!

    The artists Market happens.. one afternoon a year. Nancy sells her work at it. I'd love to see it be every weekend in the summer and grow to feature local food and performance etc.

  2. That was the best walk I've had all week! Looking forward to next Friday. P.S. How many calories did I burn ???

  3. I live right here in the 'Yoke'... ^_^ ...and I've never seen these locations up close So, thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing what's next! maybe my house will be in there!! ^_^

  4. The 'Yoke hahaha cute

    Your town is so beautiful!

    Dude, art is everywhere, man.

  5. Thanks for the tour! This is a good idea, methinks!


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